Top Puff Portable Water Bong

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Product Description

Create a water pipe anywhere from a water bottle with the Top Puff portable bong. Any bottle can transform into a heavy-hitting bong with this conveniently designed tool. The Puff Pack knows about innovation and quality with a massive inventory of trendsetting smoking accessories, including this Top Puff piece.

It’s made with a durable plastic covering, so smoke goes through smoothly and stays clean. The stem is made from glass, so you never have to heat plastic and smoke keeps its natural taste.

How To Turn Water Bottle to Bong?

Simply twist the Top Puff onto the opening of a water bottle (or any other). Then, pack the piece and light it like any other water pipe to inhale your favorite dry herb.

Portability is the ultimate necessity for active smokers and anyone who loves cannabis and adventure, and nothing is more portable than this. Not only does The Top Puff Bong Pack provide portability with this piece, it also brings superior versatility to the table.