Is Delta-8 Right for Me?

Is Delta-8 Right for Me?

1st Oct 2021

Not sure if Delta-8 is for you?

You should probably sit this one out if:
❌ Passing a drug test is a concern in your life. You absolutely will fail.

❌ The idea of altering your consciousness is not appealing. If you don't like the feeling of getting a bit stoney or having a few drinks, you probably should play it safe and avoid or take a super small dose to start.

❌ You feel a uncomfortable possessing something that is legal in most places but is also super uncertain and operating in a huge gray area. (Remember this was also CBD prior to the Farm Bill of 2018)

❌ You feel uneasy using a cannabinoid that has been minimally studied and long term usage of it hasn't been observed or studied at all. (This also was CBD just a few years ago too.)

❌ You're unsure about using a synthesized cannabinoid. I'll make a whole post entirely about how it's made next. This was a personal hang-up for me for a while as I was really hesitant about selling a product that was made so differently than our CBD products. If you want to skip ahead and get the down low now, here's the most straightforward article I've found:

It's not for everyone for sure. It's fun to use to unwind and relax. It has it's medicinal benefits. It's popular and effective and it's nearly blowing up faster than CBD did when it was in its infancy just a few years ago.