'Blemish' THC Free Roller (100 mg CBD, 10 mL)

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Product Description

*OG Formula with double the CBD, now with 100 mg:

The original Blemish Roller formula returns! Excellent for spot-treating, acne, and maskne. Blemish contains non-pore clogging oils that help heal skin and reduce oil production naturally.  The blend of essential oils is antiseptic and the CBD helps reduce redness, irritation and inflammation.  

*This product does not contain THC.

Directions: Shake before use, and apply as often as needed. External use only.

The combination of essential oils is a potent blend of astringent and antibacterial oils (perfect for fighting blemishes!):


  • Tea Tree: The ultimate antibacterial essential oil, tea tree is great for reducing redness and swelling, and cleaning and soothing the skin. Perfect for cleaning clogged pores and treating dark spots.


  • Lemon: There’s a reason this one is used in natural cleaning products, it’s naturally antiseptic and clarifying! It is also high in antioxidants and helps even out skin tone. As an astringent it helps remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores.


  • Lavender: works to kill bacteria and can prevent and heal acne breakouts. 


  • Oregano: helps treat acne, bacteria and fungal infections, it’s a potent fighter, and also helps heal wounds.


  • Clary Sage: reduces inflammation, soothes skin and is an antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic all in one!

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Rose Petals, CBD Isolate, and Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Oregano and Clary Sage. 


Our products are derived from natural sources, so variation in color, scent and taste is entirely normal. This product does not contain THC. Earth medicine works unique to the individual, so listen to your body, and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. This product has not been approved by the FDA, and it is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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    It's my go to...

    Posted by Tonya Beltran on 17th Apr 2023

    It helps to shrink the blemish overnight. After 2 days it's almost gone.

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