Dark Chocolate Candy Cane THC:CBD Indulge Caramels (6 ct)

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Product Description

Experience everyday indulgence with our Delta-9 Infused Shifters™ Caramels, a delightful treat enhanced with the magic of terpenes. These hand-crafted caramels combines the rich, buttery goodness of caramel with the mind-altering, mood-boosting effects and balanced ratio of Delta-9 THC and CBD. Carefully selected terpenes provide a sensorial journey to enhance your moment, whether it's relaxation or creativity you seek. Precisely dosed and discreetly packaged, our caramels make it easy to savor an indulgent moment. These are our classic caramels, drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with peppermint candy canes!

How to Use: Start Low, Go Slow: Consider ½ of a caramel at a time to gauge your tolerance and desired effects. Savor the chew for a blended effect of sublingual and edible. Wait Patiently: Allow up to 1 hour for the full effects to kick in before considering additional consumption.


Ingredients: Organic cream, Organic light corn syrup (corn syrup, salt, vanilla extract [vanilla beans, water, ethyl alcohol]), Organic sugar, Organic butter (cream [from milk], natural flavorings), Organic vanilla extract, Organic sea salt, Broad spectrum CBD distillate, Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC distillate, Botanical, terpene blend, Dark Chocolate, Candy Cane

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk.