Bomb Squad 100mg Delta-8 'Tart Cherry' Gummy (100 mg each, 1 ct or 30 ct)

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BOMB SQUAD-SQUAD BOMB 100mg Delta 8 Tart Cherry Gummies are made with Wildflower Honey, pectin, essential oils and natural flavors. We use our own recipe that uses


Flavored with fruit juce and essential oils, the Squad Bomb delivers a rich flavor with a antioxident boost from the Tart Cherry. Squad Bombs are coated with ascorbic acid for vitamin C boost too.

These Squad Bombs are no joke, a single 2.5 gram gummie contains 100mg Hemp Delta 8, if you are looking for a potent yet healthy treat, this is it. Tart Cherry is know to help with sleep, combined with Delta 8 it works very well for relaxing and resting.

Each jar of Squad Bombs contains 30 individual Squad Bomb 100mg Delta 8 Tart Cherry Gummies, total 3000mg Delta 8 per jar. Or purchase a 1 ct sample pack.

Try all three flavors of BOMB SQUAD- Squad Bombs, Elderberry/Tangerine, Lemon/Ginger and Tart Cherry. All Squad Bombs are available in single serving and 30packs.


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    Posted by Kay Fisher on 16th Feb 2023

    I was so happy to see you had the 100mg D8 by Bomb Squad. I suffer from rosacea flare ups and taking a 100mg D8 always keeps me calm so the flushing it causes calms down more quickly. I always have these on hand! Thx Humble Alternative

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    D8 gummies

    Posted by Kay Fisher on 9th Feb 2023

    I was thrilled to see the higher potency D8’s. I need these gummy’s for when I have a flushing flare from rosacea. Within 15-20mins my anxiety is gone and the stinging & redness of my skin slowly start subsiding. By 40mins I feel so much better. I clove these D8 gummies.

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