Bomb Squad 100mg Delta-8 'Elderberry Tangerine' Gummy (100 mg each, 1 ct or 30 ct)

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Product Description


BOMB SQUAD- Squad Bomb 100mg DELTA 8 Elderberry/Tangerine Gummies are made from Wildflower Honey, pectin, essential oils and natural flavors.These gummies contain NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP OR PROCESSED SUGAR-YUCK!! Flavored with fruit juice and essential oils, the Squad Bomb delivers a rich flavor with the anti-oxident boost of Elderberry. The Squad Bombs a coated with powdered ascorbic acid for a vitamin C boost too.

 These Squad Bombs are no joke, a single 2.5gram gummie contains 100mg HEMP DELTA-8 for those people looking for a potent yet healthy treat.

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